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Actress Princess Shyngle cries out on difficulty in getting pregnant




Gambian born Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle, has revealed what she has observed about getting pregnant when one is ready.

Though ѕєχ is the process that brings about a baby, Princess Shyngle is convinced that they are a gift from God.



The actress and entrepreneur took to Instagram to lament the difficulty in getting pregnant, noting that it is the hardest thing ever.

Though Shyngle affirmed that she’s still celibate and is not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, she revealed that she was just thinking aloud.

She added that when folks get married or meet the perfect baby daddy pregnancy hardly ever occurs but a one night stand with a person you feel nothing for, voilà! There’s a little human on the way.

“I never knew getting pregnant is the hardest thing ever when you’re ready. You can have ѕєχ every day for three years and not get pregnant. Honestly, babies are indeed a gift from God,” Princess Shyngle wrote.



See her post below :

Princess Shyngle

Recall that a few months ago, Princess Shyngle lost a pregnancy. The movie star took to her Instagram to recount the sad incident.

Even though the actress didn’t mention the father behind the pregnancy, she announced that she was getting divorced from her husband, Gibou Bala Gaye, her bestie for ten years, three months after their marriage.




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