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Akufo Addo’s Luxury Jet Which Costs £14,000 Per Hour Purchased By Government – Mensah Thompson




Mensah Thompson, the Executive Director of ALliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), one of Ghana’s most active civil society organizations, claims that the government has already purchased the luxurious private jet that President Akufo Addo has been using to travel outside the country.



Mensah Thompson, who claimed that a Jubilee House employee approached him and passed the information to him, reported that the Boeing 737-900ER BBJ3 was purchased in 2020. Even before a proposal for a new presidential jet was presented to lawmakers in late 2021.

“…for example, the luxurious airplane that we all assumed the President was renting for £14,000 an hour has been purchased!”

 His Facebook Post Below:

My sources at the Jubilee house contacted me again yesterday and the information is simple, they have resolved to pass the e-levy at all cost when Parliament resumes.

In fact, they intend to send the military to Parliament again when the e-levy debate degenerates into a scuffle and their plan is to assault the NDC MPs if they attempt to resist like the other time.

The Minority must be on their guard, the plan for the e-levy is big, they intend to pass it all cost or they have to go to the IMF and that is exactly what they don’t want.

But the question is why are they sooo afraid of going to the IMF?, some people have said oh, they don’t like the propaganda or they don’t want to feel ashamed for taking us back to the IMF…




Ghanaians Paa, smh!!… For how long would we understand that these guys are shameless and they don’t give a shit about your propaganda?
For a people who have borrowed over 300billion cedis with nothing to show for, if the IMF is offering them free money, you say they won’t collect because of your propaganda?
Ghanaians seem to be underestimating these criminals and it hurts…really badly!

So really, why don’t they want to go to the IMF and for that reason they are bent on forcing e-levy down our throats?




The answer is simple…Audit, they are afraid of the IMF’s audit and the things that would be uncovered if the IMF audit their books…period!!

You see the IMF, don’t just throw money at a Country, they first audit your books, look at the numbers and try to either come up with a policy guideline or you come with your homegrown policies and they provide policy credibility and assist you with the necessary technical expertise to manage yourself out of your distress.

That is the first thing the IMF does when any Country goes to them and they are so afraid of the things the IMF would uncover; for example the luxury jet which we all think the President is renting at £14,000 an hour has been bought!

Yes, they bought the luxury jet, I will bring you details of that later.
Why do you think no Minister wants to tell us how much the President spends on his trip?
Nobody wants to perjure themselves, because when next government comes to power he will realise that the jet has been bought far back as early 2020 and the Ministers who lied to Parliament would be in big trouble…thats why no one wants to speak.



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