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Alleged Pickpocket receives uncountable slaps from woman he tried to steal from [Video]




The force and pressure the woman used to deliver the slaps onto the poor slimy cheeks of the pickpocket under the hot scorching sun will tell you how the system is hard for every Ghanaian.

It was actually a hell of a moment for this poor bag seller who was accused of trying to snatch the bag of a poor trader and was subjected to instant abuse.

The fury from those gathered was so severe that the police had to intervene to stop the poor man from being beaten to a pulp or lynched.


Those who could administer some slaps and jostle did well to partake as the pickpocket tried to seek cover from the wild slaps and punches flying from nowhere and landing on his face.

It was a thunder and brimstone moment for him. The police had to whisk him away from the woman and other agitating forces before the worse happened.



Check Out Video Below



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