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‘Better to be a fornicator than an LGBT’ – NPP man







A communication team member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Kay has stated the activities of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) in Ghana should not be entertained.

He opines that such activities are evil, devilish, and will incur the wrath of God on the country.





The NPP officer said it was about time leaders of Ghana rise up and speak up and be firm and demonstrate to the world that we are a sovereign state and cannot be forced to accept an evil practice.

He indicated that the western world cannot ask Ghana to accept LGBT activities.





He said persons who are promoting such activities should be arrested and prosecuted.

This he added is not a human rights issue as some human rights lawyers have argued.





“If some are arguing that this is a fundamental human rights issue, then why don’t we allow rapists to also enjoy the rights? If that is the case, why should we not allow armed robbers to also enjoy their fundamental human rights? Why should we arrest and prosecuted armed robbers and rapists but people who engage in LGBT activities are not arrested?” he questioned.




“The foundation of this nation is Christianity. I am not sure the Chief Imam will support this nonsense. We cannot entertain this nonsense. This is haram. 95% of Ghanaians are Christians and Muslims, they will not support this nonsense.”




He made the remarks on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

He challenged men of God to raise and condemn it.

According to him, it would be better for people to fornicate than to be allowed to practice homosexuality.








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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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