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Chief Justice’s son and my son couldn’t make it to Ghana School of Law – Lawyer Opoku Agyemang




There have been a lot of rumors that the qualification to enter into Ghana School of Law via entrance examination depends on “who knows you or whom you know” scheme. 

Today, April 29, 2021 the Acting Director of Ghana School of Law, Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyeman, has debunked such frivolous narratives that have been propagated and perceived by the masses.

In an interview with Lawyer Ohene Gyan on the Punch show at Kessben Television, Lawyer Maxwell Opoku Agyeman asserted that the entrance examination is fair and just and it doesn’t discriminate on the basis of one’s affiliation with a legal guru or a prominent person in a society.



According to him, his son and some topnotch lawyers in the country couldn’t make to Ghana School of Law due to the failure of their wards.

“My son, the Chief Justice’s son, Lawyer Dotsi’s son and many others couldn’t make it to Ghana School of Law, wasbecause they didn’t get the pass mark in the entrance exam”, he said.

He attributed low quota for admission of students into Ghana School of Law to infrastructural deficit and inadequate law tutors. This is because Ghana School of Law solely relies on retire Justices and four permanent lecturers (including him) in the inadequate facilities.



Therefore, Ghana School of Law has adopted triple track system to accommodate the numerous students it admitted last year into the various campuses.

In the triple track system, the admitted students have been divided into three sections in which every section goes to school in two days within a week.

He later thanked the government for supporting the school and further asked for more assistances in order to promote legal education in the country.




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