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D-Black Reacts To Rumors Of Sleeping with S3fa And Nina Richie At the Same Time



D-Black, CEO of Black Avenue Music have reacted to rumors in public space that he once had a 3.s*m with his female artistes and .


The notion that male record label owners have affairs with their female artist is not a new allegation.

Although many have denied the rumor, some entertainment pundit and artist managers fueled the allegation by saying managers need to sleep with their female artists to foster good working relationship.

echoed one more time in an interview on Class FM that he has never had a s*xual encounter with any of the signed female artiste on his label.

“I’m one of the few people that believe in supporting talents without expecting s*x in return. I don’t care about that”.

He vehemently denied every allegation leveled against him and said that he is not like other record label owners and does not subscribe to the public idea that sleeping with your artist makes you manage them properly.


“Once I believe in your talent, that’s step one. Step two is your drive and dedication. If you see me start working with a female artiste and I stop, it’s because their drive and dedication aren’t more than mine. You have to be more driven and dedicated and hungrier for this than I am”.



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