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Date Rush – Nana Kwame Bleeds After Queen Nabila Ran Back To The U.S Without Even One Date




Date Rush contestant Nabila has dumped her date from the show, Nana Kwame, and ran back to the States.

Nana Kwame has revealed that they were not even able to meet before Nabila run back to the States.

Whatever mission she came down to Ghana for, she has already accomplished.




After appearing on the show and gaining fame as the first U.S based contestant, the guys were rushing Nabila to gain her favour for a date.

Probably they thought there was a green card on the line if they could win her heart.

Nana Kwame won in the end but it turns out he has been scammed.

According to him, after the program Nabila has not appeared for their date annd instead, has flown back to the U.S.




He says she has also told him that she prefers texting to calling hence she does not pick his calls.

SMH. Watch Nana Kwame narrating his ordeal below…

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