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Driver’s horror as truck rushes off 330ft cliff and dangles for three days [Watch]




Container truck hangs over the edge of 330ft cliff in nerve-wracking footage after driver tried to reverse when satnav took him up narrow mountain road in China



Nail-biting footage shows just how close a truck came to plunging off a 330ft cliff in China after the driver followed his sat nav up a narrow mountain road.





The incident happened on January 1 near the city of Changzhi in Shanxi Province in northern China.

Local officials said the driver continued along the narrow mountain road because he was following the directions on his sat nav.




However, as the road became increasingly narrow the driver decided to go back down the mountain, but was unable to turn his truck.

Instead, he began reversing the lorry, edging between the rock face on one side and a steep cliff on the other.




One of the truck’s wheels slipped off the roadway, leaving the vehicle dangling perilously over the cliff.

Drone footage shows the lorry precariously tipped over the edge, while separate video shows workers recovering the stricken vehicle.

“After three days, it was eventually hauled back onto the narrow road,” reports the BBC.




Watch a video of the incident below:



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