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FINALLY : Notorious Sakawa Boys Who Killed 10-Year-old Boy Narrate How They Did It




Ghanaians are in the celebration of Easter but their celebration has been met with a sad news as two 16-year-old boys kill a 10-year-old boy in the name of money rituals.

According to reports the two boys killed the teenage boy and cut off his ears and were said to be preparing to go to the Volta region where they will have the money rituals done.

The Ghana Police have arrested the two teenage boys who killed a friend in the name of rituals and upon interrogation one of the boys revealed that his colleague asked him to call the 10-year-old boy for him and when he did the other guy hit him hard with a stick that sent him to his early grave.



We cannot say for a fact that this is entirely the truth but the Police are still in control of the case.






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