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Giovanni Kisses Wife Live On TV To Rubish Abena Korkor’s S*xual Allegations – Photo




The battle of lies and truth between and Abena Korkor is getting heated up by the minute.


is alleging that Giovanni is one of the many media personalities who took advantage of her s*xually.

Giovanni is also claiming it is a lie and Abena might not be thinking right due to her bipolar disorder.



He reiterated on Delay’s show that he is a happily married man and would not spoil his marriage with side chicks.

Abena Korkor also got the opportunity to speak on the same platform and she called Giovanni a liar and that they definitely slept together.



She also said she did not know he was married at the time.

In a bit to douse the raging flames coming on him, Giovanni, on his Showbiz 360 show, kissed his wife twice to prove he needs no one else to make him happy.



Giovanni’s wife came on the show as one of the surprise guests to make Giovanni’s birthday memorable and capitalising on the opportunity at hand, he kissed her on live television.


Check out the photo below

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