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Give our children a warm reception when they come – Rasward Nkrabia to Achimota School




Rasward Nkrabia, the father of one of the Rastafarian students previously denied admission to Achimota School has urged management and staff of the institution to give their children a warm reception when they start schooling.

The Human Right Division of the Accra High Court in its ruling on Monday, May 31, ordered Achimota school to immediately admit and allow the Rastafarian students to pursue their education.




According to the court, Achimota School committed illegality in rejecting the two Rastafarian students, Tyron Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea, on grounds of their hairstyle.

Speaking after the ruling yesterday, Rasward Nkrabia who was very excited at the outcome of events, welcomed the decision by the court.

He, however, made one request to the staff of Achimota School to give the students a comfortable studying environment for their children to learn.



Rasward Nkrabia stated, “What I want the school to do is to give us a warm reception if they come so that the children can feel comfortable when they come.”

“We are going to communicate with the school for them to welcome them back to school properly,”

Tyron and Oheneba are expected to join their colleagues in school on Tuesday after the court’s ruling.






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