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Group of young Ghanaians move to institute ‘National Flag Day’




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A group of young Ghanaians has initiated the process to draw Ghanaians’ attention to the significance and importance of Ghana’s national flag.

To achieve their aim of generating more respect and usage of the red, gold, green, and star flag, the group is starting a National Flag Day (NFD).

Ghana’s National Flag Day will fall on the 6th of March each year and will be celebrated alongside the Independence Day of the country.

On NFD, the group will design messages that highlight the essence of patriotism as well as provide education on the need to show respect to the country’s symbols such as the Ghana Flag.

According to one of the founders of the NFD, Smith George, the vision for establishing the NFG is to increase citizens’ respect for the Ghana flag and also encourage their regular use of the flag in their homes, shops, offices, cars, and other public spaces.

As part of activities marking the NFD, the group will lead a National flag float; organize an NFD conference to discuss nationalism as well as a national gig at Independence Square with some of the nation’s best musicians.

Other activities will include a Flag Day Awards to award citizens who are giving a great push to the nation.

Ghanaians in the diaspora will not be left behind as the NFD will be taken to Ghanaian communities abroad.

According to Smith, all Ghanaians will be encouraged to use specially designed Ghana Flags on their social media status on March 6 alongside.


Flags are a key symbol of nationalism. Ghana’s red, gold, green and black star flag was designed in 1957 by the late Theodosia Okoh.

The ‘red’ represents the sufferings and struggles of the country’s forebears whose efforts laid the foundations of nationhood with the ‘gold’ representing the mineral wealth of the country.

The ‘green’ represents the rich forest belts of the country while the ‘black star’ represents the lodestar of African freedom and liberation.










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