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HOT VIDEO: Tears flow as Mother of 10-year-old kɨlled by teenagers for money rituals narrates what happened




Mother of the 10-year-old boy kɨlled by his friends for alleged money rituals in Kasoa has spoken to the media

The boy known as Ismael was kɨlled by two 16-year-old boys for money rituals according to residents of the neighborhood the act took place




A couple of Ghana media houses moved to the house of the victim where the whole family are mourning the death of the kid.

According to the mother of the victim, her son usually goes for Islamic class on Saturday but yesterday he stayed home because his father had returned from a long trip.



The boy was playing games on his laptop whiles the mother was taking nap only to hear her elder sister screaming “Mum, wake up, Ismael has been kɨlled”.



In a state of shock she rushed to the scene but she was prevented from entering the room as area boys were waiting for police to first arrive.

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