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Hypocritical Manasseh should also drop exposé on Mensa Otabil’s Capital Bank – Richard Kwame Krah fires




Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of the Lighthouse Chapel International has become the talk of Ghana largely due to the works of Manasseh Azure Awuni.

In a report by the Fourth Estate, the new investigative journalism website run by Manasseh Azure has taken it upon himself to expose all the rot in the Christendom.

But in the rightful thinking of Pan Africanist Richard Kwame Krah, the move by Manasseh Azure to drop Lighthouse Chapel’s ills is mere hypocrisy on his part considering how he refused to run series of exposé about Pastor Mensa and his Capital Bank.

Don’t forget that Pastor Mensa Otabil has allegedly benefited from loans and acted fraudulently as former board chairman of Capital Bank squandering a total of Ghc482 million.



Taking to Facebook, Richard Kwame Krah wrote, “Manasseh Azure has blocked me from his page because I called him out on his recent craze with the Dag Heward Mills expose`. This was my comment:

“You know the problem I have with you Manasseh? Selective interest. I’m not religious and I believe people using the name of the Abrahamic God to take advantage of others must be dealt with.

“However, I find it strange why it seems you’re using your entire energy to expose Dag Heward Mills and his lighthouse with series of articles but when your own pastor Otabil was caught up in that banking scandal, you refused to comment. Doesn’t that portray some kind of bad image? It was something that affected the lives of Ordinary people. I don’t know how you perceive it but from where I stand, the image looks hypocritical.”



“He found the above offensive. Emotional freedom fighter who hate to be held accountable? Isn’t he supposed to come with clean hands?? His own pastor’s mismanagement caused ordinary Ghanaians to lose their life savings but he refused to write his usual articles. Why is he overly obsessed with another pastor’s internal issues? The Hypocrisy on this street is too much.


Manasseh goes on a blocking spree after Richard Kwame Krah ordered him to expose both Mensa Otabil and Dag Heward Mills

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