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“If you say LGBT is not our culture, when did Christianity also become our culture” Chris-Vincent Agyapong





Celebrated Ghanaian Blogger, Chris-Vincent Agyapong has raised an argument in support of the LGBT community.

In a posts, he asked those saying that it isn’t part of our culture that when did Christianity also become the culture of Ghanaians?

Read his full post below:







My friend said: Lawyer, this is nonsense, even animals don’t practice anal sex so why should human beings be allowed to do this in Ghana.

Me: I smile—that is not true but I won’t tell you that animals do that because you will say it’s a lie or have not seen it before.





So my friend, have you seen any animal giving a blow job before? Don’t human beings do?

Also, who said only same sex people have anal sex? Ask your friends—male and female—whether they have ever tried anal sex. Should they all be arrested or stoned? Why are you concern about how people are having sex in their bedrooms? How does that affect you?







Homosexuality is not about anal sex because certainly lesbians are not having anal sex—don’t make it about that.

Even if you want to disagree, make sure your arguments are founded on reason and in this case, non exist.

If you say it’s not our culture, when did Christianity become our culture or when did the use of the internet or having a parliament and democracy become our culture?







Leave people to live their lives in peace and live yours in peace too.

And if it’s a sin, telling lies, gossiping, adultery, overeating and fornication are all sins too. There is no hierarchy of sin, all sin be sin.

Don’t you sin? We are not honest people and that is the fundamental problem.

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong
















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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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