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‘If you want to have a sweet-scented vajayjay, eat Konkonte’- Ghanaian doctor tells ladies (Watch)




A Ghanaian man we suppose is a doctor, Effa Bafo Gyamfi has advised all women to eat Konkonte if they really want to have a very clean and sweet-scented vajayjay (you know what vajayjay is, don’t you?)

Mr. Gyamfi dropped the intriguing revelation when he was hosted on Kantanka TV to discuss health-themed topics.

Konkonte is a Ghanaian dish usually eaten with soups made from palm nut or groundnuts.

It is popular in west African countries such as Nigeria and is also eaten in the Caribbean. The English Name for the delicacy is “BROWN FUFU”. It is very close to Tapioca, a popular Brazilian dish.


On the same show, the TV guest also said no serious s.ex will go beyond five minutes because one must be able to derive full ecstasy leading to a climax within that time.

He rightly pointed out that people mistakenly use what they see in p.onographic movies as the foundation for their own s.ex life which is absolutely wrong.

He added that these actors in p.orn movies take medicines and other enhancements meant to prolong the act to buttress the theme of the visuals.

Watch the video;


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