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It takes a courageous woman to kiss a ‘foolish monkey’ like the Ashanti Regional Minister – Kevin Taylor




US-based Vlogger Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor has gone ballistics on the person of the Ashanti Regional Minister calling him names over the deployment of military into Ejura leading to the death of two people.

According to Taylor, the minister owning up to that decision shows he doesn’t appreciate the value of life and is a “big fool and a monkey”.



His anger stems from the testimony by the Regional Minister in which he admitted that it was he who ordered the military to move to Ejura based on intelligence that the youth planned to attack a police station.

“I called operation calm life to go and provide security there. Already they are attacking the police station. I had more intelligence. I sent the military there. This has been my strategy since 2017.” The minister said.


“You have no Intelligence. You’re a big fool. Why did you order them into the community. This idiot. This animal. This bull. This fool. This disorganized human being.. “, Kevin Taylor attacked.

“You don’t understand the pain of those who lost their kids. You boldly say I ordered it. Do you know the pain of losing a child?” He asked.



Check where they have been sending the military. NPP only deploys military into Zongos ….

He went further:

“This man is an animal. I wonder how his wife is able to kiss this monkey with pea brain. She is a courageous woman. Check the record, ever since he became Regional Minister he has been deploying military into Zongo”.






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