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JUST IN : Mortuary Man runs from his work when a corpse woke up








We came on this earth but our destiny is unknown. God created humans to grow, reproduce and die. In the actual sense no matter the situation one finds him or herself death await. When one dies ,the body is being taken to the mortuary for preservation until the family of the deceased finished all the arrangements necessary for the burial. when dead bodies are being taken to the morgue, we have some workers there called morgue men ,these people are responsible of taking good care of the dead body in a safe place without a spoil till the day of burial.

These morgue men have helped and still helping the country with their kind of portion in development in this country. If these people are to stop working, Ghanaians will find it difficult to preserve dead bodies so these people are highly important in our lives as far as we exist on this earth.








A morgue man runs from his work when a corpse woke up.When dead bodies are taken to the morgue,the morgue men first access the dead body to confirm whether it is dead body or the person is still alive.So with this kind of situation where by a corpse woke up is something that is strange but it has happened in this country.There is a man called Mr.Quaye Mensah who has worked as a morgue man for so many years with experience,through him some people have also become known to the morgue work.Oneday there was a man whom his family members claimed he is dead.


The family members brought the dead body to the morgue for preservation.when the morgue man intended to go and access the dead body,the person woke up and this made the mortuary man run on his heels as if he is a new person in the job.When days go by it led the mortuary man into a severe sickness which has finally led into stroke,the situation the morgue man finds himself is very dangerous let us all pray for him.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.








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