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Kennedy Agyapong explains LIVE outburst against Net2 TV staff






Business mogul and media owner, Kennedy Agyapong, has explained why he recently slammed staff of his station, Net2 TV, during a LIVE discussion he appeared on.

According to the Assin Central Member of Parliament, he was not going to allow bias and favouritism to cloud his judgment because those two traits “are not ingredients for success.”

“Bias and favouritism are not ingredients for success. That is why if I come here to talk about others whiles same is happening right at my door step and I say nothing about it, then I am biased,” he told host of ‘The Attitude’ show which aired Friday evening, April 30.





He continued: “It is no ingredient for success so you have to keep that in mind… that is why I put you guys on your toes. As for the media, what makes news to them is usually what is negative without getting into the import and the merits of the case.

“So I will say, you became a casualty of my reactions that day,” he told host Padmore Agyapong, who a week ago was directly at the receiving end of the MP’s anger when he accused staff of unprofessionalism in the manner they were running on-air operations.

He had criticized the show over the production team’s decision to play commercials for about fifteen minutes.

Using adjectives such as “nonsense”, “bogus”, “stupid” to describe the move, the businessman argued that viewers could easily tune off and got stuck to other television stations who could be televising some compelling content.

“What you just did is bogus. How can you think I could be here and manage everything when people here have been tasked to? What you just did, are you managers? You just did a foolish program. It’s stupid on your part,” he fumed with rage.

“What kind of nonsense is that? I’ve been sitting here all this while and you’ve been playing commercials. Which TV station does that when panelists are seated? You think you’re making money; you’re rather losing because the viewer will just flip to another station and when the chance on interesting content, they stay there.

“What kind of foolish system are you operating here? You want me to talk about somebody? I have to talk about my own stupid system… This is a foolish managerial system,” he stressed.




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