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Man caught pants down with sister-in-law






There was drama on Tuesday in Moticho, South Mugirango, Kisii County after a middle-aged man was caught in the act with his sister-in-law in his bedroom.

Witnesses said the man William Omboye was alone at home when his sister-in-law Janet Gesare came to visit her sister who is married to Omboye.

“Omboye lured Gesare into his bedroom while his wife was at the farm. The wife returned home at 12 pm to prepare lunch for her schooling kids only to catch the husband and her sister in the act,” said a witness Isaac Osoro.

Mr. Osoro said Omboye pleaded with his wife not to expose him to villagers in vain.

“Omboye’s wife alerted neighbours who rushed to the homestead to witness the incident. Upon questioning Gesare she revealed that this was the second time she was having sex with her sister’s husband,” stated Osoro.

Area assistant chief Emmanuel Onwong’a said the two lovebirds were beaten thoroughly before Gesare was sent away.

“Gesare was chased away after a dog’s beating. Omboye and his wife will face the elders before cleansing is done,” noted the chief.









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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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