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Moment man tries to drag lady into his container room and ‘give it to her’ after she bought for him- Watch




A man has been sighted in a video trying his best to have a lady in his container room for a bout of sexual encounter shortly after she ran an errand for him.

We don’t know the relationship between the two but the man was obviously on heat and wanted just more than food as he drags the lady who seemed to be resisting his moves into his makeshift abode.



Meanwhile, a curious eyewitness standing afar captured every little detail of the spectacle on camera and uploaded it on social media.

The video was first shared by 360News. Watch the footage below;

A video of a rooster dying moments after mounting a fowl has saturated every sphere of the internet landscape in a typical demonstration of ‘something must kill a man.’

The video shows the moment the rooster aggressively made love to its female counterpart but a spectre of anti-climax saw the animal dying almost immediately after it satisfied its libido.

A lot of netizens have found the short video clip very intriguing and are presently passing funny comments about it all over social media.


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