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More Trouble Looms As LGBQT-Ghana President Alex Donkor Stormed German National Television; Put Sam George Where He Belongs -WATCH





In a video links attached to this article, The leader of the LGBT community in Ghana Alex Donkor rattled in English as he diffused all the points by Sam George against the Ghanaian LGBT community.

Earlier on Sam George had explained the need for Ghana to criminalize LGBT activities in Ghana.

Alex Donkor also made his submission a few days after Sam George’s interview with CNN. Interestingly Alex Donkor also got a very bigger platform on a German National TV called Deutsch Welle Television ( DWTV).



According to Alex Donkor, the truth behind this whole anti gay bill pushed by Sam George, other MPs and some religious leaders is pure hatred against humanity.

” The truth of the matter is that the bill against LGBT in Ghana is not the best. Already we’ve been discriminated against. The media, religious leaders and some organizations keep brainwashing people about LGBT activities. They keep lying that we wear pampers, we’re evil and all sort of lies ” Alex Donkor Boldly spoke out.

” Another truth which can never be erased is that Ghana as a Democratic country has signed the UN Human Rights charter, which speaks against human rights abuse. Whether they like it or not, LGBT persons will continue to exist. Not today nor tomorrow alone but forever ” Alex added.





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