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Nigerian Singer Terry Apala Caught Having Sekzz With Another Lady By His Pregnant Girlfriend (VIDEO)






Nigerian singer Terry Apala has been caught having sekzz with another lady by his pregnant girlfriend as per a video that has just surfaced.

She is heard lamenting over the situation as Apala quickly slaps the phone from her hand.

The friend of the pregnant friend who shared the video.

“So I would normally not do this,but I cant watch my friend suffer whilst I fold my arms and do nothing .
So basically my friend has been dating Terry Apala and at the moment she is pregnant…

So basically my friend has been trying to reach him,to have him keep up with her since she is pregnant ,He keeps lying to her that he travelled, just for her to come see him at home and see that he is cheating on her with a girl he claimed to be his cousin.





And this same girl,She has gotten stuff for,she wears her clothes and even so many more..My friend caught her boyfriend, Terry Apala cheating in his room after lying that he travelled, she’s been suspecting him but no concrete evidence until last week, she’s been crying her eyes out



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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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