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Paula Heward-Mills, daughter of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills reacts nicely to her father’s current conundrum





Paula Heward-Mills, daughter of Founder and Leader of the lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has reacted nicely to her father’s current conundrum.

In the past few days, Bishop Dag has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Accusations and counter-accusations on how he runs the church and sees the affairs of the congregants have become topical.




The individuals spilling the beans (to put it mildly) are either former pastors or former enthusiastic members of this church who believe the Bishop’s actions and inactions do not inure to the growth of the church.

Bishop Dag, who is regarded as one of the finest religious leaders in Ghana has come under severe criticism following all the fallouts where he has been described with very serious adjectives and his reputation called to question.

While the dust is yet to settle, Paula Heward-Mills has shared a simple photo of herself and her father on social media which carries a more solemn message than the actual caption.

With a love emoji and a photo of Paula looking admirably into her father’s eyes, the reaction connotes Paula’s message to her father to remain strong in the midst of the storm and like Jesus Christ, should remain steadfast and carry the cross till the end.







As usual, this simple post by Paula generated some chatter where some ask her to remain mute and stop courting public sympathy while others throw their support behind his father and the entire Lighthouse Chapel fraternity in their “trying moments.”




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