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Refusal To Eat Meals Prepared By Your Wife Is Domestic Violence- You Can Go To Jail For That- DOVVSU Reveals




According to the Coordinating Director of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit known popularly as DOVVSU, battering your partner is not the only thing that can pass as domestic violence.

She says refusing to eat a meal prepared by your partner is also domestic violence



Speaking in an interview on Joy News, she revealed that it would be understandable if a spouse refuses to eat a meal made for him or her because of the fear that they would be poisoned but beyond that and any other thing, when you refuse eating at home, you are abusing your partner domestically.

She adds that such act is punishable and can land one in jail.



She concludes that, a refusal is seen as punishment which is tantamount to emotional abuse hence the department adding that to acts that constitutes domestic violence.

Now that you know this, anytime you refuse to eat a meal prepared by your partner for no tangible reason, know you are abusing her or him and you could end in jail.

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