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Sakawa Man Caught On Video Trying To Use A Woman For Rituals At A Bus Stop(+VIDEO)




A ritualist has found himself at the wrong side of the law after he was caught on CCTV trying to harm an innocent woman.

In a video posted on social media, the man walked to a bus stop and put something under a seat. A few minutes later, an unsuspecting lady came to sit on chair at the bus stop waiting for a car.

However, she started having a discomfort as she was seen scratching her body. She then decided to walk to the back of the bus stop and ease herself.

All this while, the man who put the substance was watching from a distance. Luckily for her, a man of God who was passing by and sensed her discomfort. He prayed for her and took her away from the scene.



As soon as she left, the ritualist walked over to fetch the sand at where she had peed. He was immediately apprehended.

The whole thing looked staged as if it was a scene from a movie. But what made us think it might be real is that it was caught on a CCTV.


Watch the strange video below;







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