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See What A Man Was Caught Doing With A Lady’s Picture In His Temple [WATCH]






Just as the popular saying goes like this “Wonder shall never end”, actually the world that we are in today is full of atrocities and evil. So many times have I wondered why our generation have sworn never to serve GOD their maker, and the true supreme being who created both Heaven and Earth.

But one thing that we should always have in mind while doing whatever we are doing here on Earth is that, there is always a repercussions for every action we take here on earth, both good and bad.

Have you ever seen a scenario where someone is caught making incantations with a person’s picture? Although some people think that it is very wrong for someone to place another person’s pictures on an Alter, while others think there is spiritual implications attached to that belief.

There is a trending video that has been going viral across all social media platforms in Ghana, where a Native Doctor has been caught on camera doing some fetish activities with a Lady’s pictures. One of the things that got people talking was the manner, at which he was calling out the names of those people he had they pictures placed in his Temple.







In Reacting to this, a lot people in their own perspective think that the man is a bad Man, for having being making such incantations with those images. Some added that he is likely bewitching them for his supposed client, who are alleged to be internet fraudsters. They therefore prayed to GOD to protect those people he had their pictures on his Temple.







Some other person took their own opinion to another level by suggesting that, the Authorities should have him Arrested for indulging in such Act.

What do you think about this act that this Man was Caught doing in his temple.







Watch video below

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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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