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She Snatched their Girlfriends – Details Drop Of Alleged Reason Why Guys Raped Lesbian Elladeevah




It has been alleged that Ghanaian lesbian Elladeevah who was grabbed by a group of guys, drugged and raped was targeted because she had snatched a girlfriend of one of the guys.


A ghost IG page claims that Elladeevah managed to ‘turn’ one of the girlfriends of the gang leader into a lesbiaan like herself and used it to tease the guy, angering him to plot revenge against her.

Apparently the revenge was grabbing her and raping her for days.




Elladeevah’s story gripped Ghana when she told it yesterday. According to her, a group of guys kidnapped her, locked her away and raped her for two days straight.

She’s currently in the hospital and begging for suicide since she says she cannot live anymore.




Unfortunately, reactions to her plight has been sickening. Some social media users are saying she deserves what happened simply because she’s a lesbian.

If you cannot emphatize with someone who has been raped due to their s*xuality, you’re more than a monster.

But hey, you can’t expect much better from Ghanaians.




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