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Shoching : Skirt Of Female Musician Falls Off On Stage While Performing -WATCH VIDEO





There has been a massive stir on the information superhighways, thus, social media after a video of a female singer set many tongues wagging.

The footage which has since been trending saw the very moment the said musician’s skirt uthclothed her, having some instrumentalists turned their faces.

Decency in our everyday dressing speaks a lot about us. Long ago, ladies were trained up responsibly for which they were not allowed to be extremely short and sexy outfits for which it tends to expose their viral body parts.



Evolution has made all this a thing of the past as the youth have adopted a different style of dressing opposite to what culture prescribed.

This new style of dressing includes the wearing of bikinis, mini skirts, bareback and other brand of clothes.

In this article, I bring to you a video going viral online in which a female singer who was performing alongside with a male colleague and a live band in the midst of thousands of fans had her skirt wrapper ripped off as she tried squatting.




This moment left the lady nervous on what to do next as her goodies were exposed to the public. She quickly went backstage to get things covered up.



This video has attracted the reactions of many users as most of these users lamented on how she dressed being the cause of the whole mess.





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