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The Mysterious Kola Tree Planted By Okomfo Anokye 300 Years Ago



A mysterious kola tree was planted by the legendary Okomfo Anokye over 300 years ago at Feyiase in the Ashanti Region.


The tree is right in the middle of the road with a wall built around it is an embodiment of rich history and culture.

Legends have it that the powerful fetish priest chewed a kola-nut, spat to the ground and a white kola nut tree grew from that spot.


According to oral history, the tree grew quickly as by the time he returned to the community days later it had germinated.


Strangely, the tree does not bear pods yearly like every ordinary tree but it does so occasionally.


There are usually two kolas with different colours in the pod, one black and a red one, and has medicinal purposes with just a bite.




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