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“The Queen Will Always Sacrifice More Than Ten People Anytime She Strikes “- Prophet Amoako Reveals









It was prophesied by most of the major prophets in the country that the month of March is going to be one of the most bloody months for the country this year. And it could be recalled that in the early parts of March several motor Accidents occurred on our various major roads which claimed a lot of precious lives as was reported in the media.






Sadly, half way this same month Ghanaians are once again mourning the death of some 13 children (11 boys, 2 girls) who got drowned last Sunday at the Apam beach in the central region. According to the residents of the township this is not the first time of hearing people get drowned as it happens once a while, but what made last Sundays disaster a very sad one was the number of victims and the fact that they were children ranging between the ages of 12 to 15 years

Though many just take thus to be a mere accident, but others too are of the idea that it has some spiritual connotations looking at how the whole incident occurred.








Due to these diverse interpretation, the co-host of Angel TV’s morning program “Anopa Bofoɔ”, Yaa Benefo, invited one of Ghana’s most powerful prophets, Prophet Francis Amoako Atta of Paradise Chapel international to delve deep into the spiritual realms to see what actually caused this sad incident.







And according to the man of God, the Apam township has an ancestral covenant with the queen of the heavens as well as the marine spirit as well as the spirit of death. He revealed it is as a result of this long standing covenant that on regular basis tragic incidents happens in the Apam township that claims some lives.

He further revealed the severity of this particular incident was due to the fact that the leadership of the Apam township neglected this covenant by failing to offer her the regular sacrifice as they used to do to appease her. It is something she (the Queen of the heavens) usually does to scare them into offering them blood sacrifices.








“The queen of the heavens used to take human blood in the olden days as sacrifice, which was replaced with cow sacrifice. So failure to offer her this sacrifice means she will have to strike on her own to take as many lives as she pleases. That beautiful girl the only surviving boy revealed he they saw at the beach whom she was the one they were all approaching to do whatever they intended to do to her was not a normal human being but a spirit who caused that bad omen” the prophet revealed.

The prophet advised none of the surviving children should be sent to the fetish priest of the land for any rituals, but that should rather be sent to a powerful man of God for intensive prayers that is only if they are Christians.

Do you think the name of the town should be changed from Apam in order to break this ancestral covenant as it has been confirmed by the prophet of God?










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