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Throwback Video Of NDC Members Inciting Galasemyers To Vote NPP Out Because Of The Fight Against Galamsey Drops Online





A viral video of NDC campaign officers asking galasemyers to vote against Nana Addo because of his fight against galamsey in the country has dropped online.

According to the campaign officers, galamsey has been one of the olden traditional jobs in this country, and that’s what their forefathers have been surviving on till now.




However, Nana Addo and his administrations want to destroy their daily source of living and make them become poor without any jobs to do.

This was a campaign message that the NDC campaigners were carrying along during the 2020 election are those areas where galamsey was rampant.

The government in so many ways has attempted to stop the galamsey ongoing in the country as its destroying the water bodies, farmlands, and properties.

Yet some NDC members promised the electorate to allow them to continue with their galamsey if they should be voted into power.

The government currently has ordered 200 military men to help arrest anybody who is found to be involved in galamsey and also cease any logistics that are on site.

Watch video below



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