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Wendy Shay Gifts Cash To Her Loyal Male Fan Who Has Tattooed Her Name On His Chest After Meeting Him | Video




Wendy Shay’s male fan over excited seeing her for the first time as he showed a tattoo of her stage name on his chest.

Fans love is clearly shown in this trending video of a young man screaming Wendy Shay’s name in public.



Most celebrities, especially musicians get massive love on the streets but that of Wendy Shay is beyond imagination as seen in this video.

In the video, the over excited guy was spotted on his knees as people gathered around recorded him.



Shaygang to the world!!!” He screamed continuously as he removed his shirt and showed a tattoo of Wendy Shay’s name on his chest.

Out of joy and excitement, Wendy Shay got into her car and dashed her die hard fan some dollars.

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