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Wife Sheds Uncontrollable Tears As Husband Spends Money Raised For Sick Son’s Surgery On Women And Alcohol- VIDEO



A wife is shedding uncontrollable tears after what her husband did to her and their children. She says she would never ever forgive him for that.

According to the wife, her husband has singlehandedly squandered money meant for their son’s surgery on women and alcohol.


The wife reveals that, their son was diagnosed with conventional hydrocephalus and has to be operated on. She says they did not have the money and begged for funds, thankfully, well wishers and loved ones came to their aid and donated as much as they could to cater for the surgery.

Baby Salomon Bakundukize was going to be saved, he would be flown to the States to have the surgery which would save his life.

Unfortunately, Solomon’s father changed after they got the money, he started drinking heavily and womanizing.


“He would send away our children and bring other women to our house. I can not forgive my husband for all he has done. Our son is still in pain and hasn’t been treated yet,” she said.



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