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Woman who married Holy Spirit heads to Uganda for Honeymoon




Hilarious as woman who married Holy Spirit heads to Uganda for honeymoon

A Kenyan woman named Elizabeth Nalem who recently left many mouths agape when she married the Holy Spirt is headed to Uganda for her honeymoon.

The woman abandoned her husband on claims that God asked her to get married to the Holy Spirit for her to spread the word of God.



There was drama in Makutano town in West Pokot County after a mother of six got married to the Holy Spirit.

During the event, Mrs Nalem was escorted by workmates and businesswomen who cheered her up as she gave her promise and “hand in marriage to the Holy Spirit”.

According to Christianity, the Holy Spirit is the third “person” in the Holy Trinity of God. The others are God and Jesus Christ.

According to a report filed by The Standard, Nalem started walking from Makutano after her wedding and was directed by God to Uganda for her honeymoon and also attend a crusade.

As of the time of writing this piece, the woman had already started the journey to Amudat in Uganda.


“I was heading to Makutano Town when God directed me at around 3am to go to Amudat in Uganda for honeymoon and also to attend a big crusade that will be happening there,” she said.

She claimed God spoke to her and told her to traverse the world and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people.

Nalem also said she asked God to help her recruit more members to assist in spreading the gospel to other parts of the world since she cannot do that alone.





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