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“You will never know peace”- Funny Face reacts to the Kasoa murder.



One of the major news trends over the week is the killing of a 10-year-old boy by two teenage boys who planned on using him for money rituals.
This incident was reported to have happened at Kasoa when the two teenagers murdered the 10-year-old boy known as Ishmael in cold blood and buried him in an uncompleted building.

The two were arrested after another child reported the crime to one of the residents in the compound where the murder took place.


The boys were being carried away by the police in a van, along with the dead body. The police intervention saved the two teenagers from being lynched by the residents.


Kasoa Vandam, well known as Funny Face has reacted to the incident. He said that there has always been a perception about people living at Kasoa and he intends to erase such perception from the minds of people.

He said that despite his efforts to put Kasoa on the map as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Ghana, these boys have jeopardized his plans with their crime.

In a post he made on Instagram, Funny Face wrote;


 ✊🔥 “ GYE NYAME “ ✊🔥 VANDAMME is soo angry .. aaah but why will dis Evil boys disgrace KASOA like dis 😡 .. satan offsprings .. you will suffer in dis world .. for dis boy you people killed , you boys will never know peace in ur lives again .. GOD will punish you paa … aaah why 😢😩.. whiles some of us are doing everything possible to put KASOA on da map , already when u mention KASOA .. people have some mentality abt us .. gradually through GOD’s help and da creative ideas . JEHOVAH has given me .. now kasoa is seen as one of da most beautiful place … heeerrhh dis boys .. u will suffer in life .. my heart is broken😢 big time .. stilll KASOA will rise again .. after dis bad news !! Hmmm .. may dis little boy soul Rest In Peace 🙏🇬🇭 “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ 🇬🇭🙏




However, the suspects are currently at the Kasoa Police Station assisting the police with their investigation.




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