Bring back the Excavators, Collapsed Banks and Missing Fertilizers, If You Indeed Know How To Bring The Economy Back To Life And Not People



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Nana Addo in his recent briefing of the public on the COVID19 made a hypocritical and unrealistic statement “We know how to bring back the monies and therefore the economy to life but what we do not know is how to bring back the lives of the people”.

Nana Addo presided over a crazy corrupt government which saw fertilizers worth $20m flying from our country to Burkina Faso, Over 900 heavy excavators with no hollow metals flee out of this same economy, over 400 tricycle with no hollow metals also flee to unknown location on this earth and as that now, all these things are nowhere to be found, so if an old man of 76 years cannot bring back the above mentioned missing machines and fertilizers to boost the economy, which economy is he saying they know how to bring back?

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Excavators, fertilizers and tricycles are not as huge and technical to resurrect like an economy, you have failed to bring them back to exist after they got missing under your watch, which type of economy can you bring back to life to work again with this caliber of mismanagement, corruption, and incompetence displayed for almost four years now?

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The president should give us a brake, we were all in this country when he recently toured Oti region and was kidding our chiefs to help him bring back the missing fertilizers worth $20m, if Akuffo Addo can’t bring back common fertilizers which flee to our neighbor country Burkina Faso, and therefore begging for help, which type of economy is he saying they know how to bring back to life and not people?

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The records must be set straight forward that, Akuffo Addo and his indolent government knows nothing, they cannot bring back any economy and people as well, what they can bring back is to create ponzy schemes like that of the PDS to loot and share for family and friends.

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Akuffo Addo took a resilient and buoyant economy from the former president John Dramani Mahama with all indicators showing positive and encouraging, and unfortunately mismanaged the economy leading to its recent collapse of banks, jobs, businesses and other investments in the economy at all sectors.

Mahama left a positive growth in the fisheries department under the agricultural sector of the economy but Akuffo Addo who claimed he knows how to bring back an economy, sent it to a negative, he scored the following retrogressive growth in the agricultural sector, he declined the growth rate in 2017 which was 6.1% to 4.8% in 2018 and further sent it to 2.6 % in the half year of 2019, is this the logic of bringing back an economy to life but not people?

The economy which saw massive infrastructural development and advancement under president John Dramani Mahama with a lot of commendations coming from foreign countries like the USA, Japan, China and many others is here today with no single reasonable infrastructure constructed by Akuffo Addo and his team of criminals to at least show value for $120b borrowed for only four years, no electricity extension to the rural areas of the economy, no construction of roads to promote transportation in the economy, no water provision for our people in the rural and even urban areas for livelihood, in fact there’s no proper and real economic development and growth plan set by the Akuffo Addo and his misled team of criminals, so which one is we know how to bring back the economy to life and not people?

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I’m daring Akuffo Addo to bring back the excavators, fertilizers, and tricycles to proof to the entire world, he can indeed bring back the economy to work and not people to life.

Thank you all

Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo
Oti regional deputy communications officer-NDC




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