Your Bequest is seasonable – Afari – Akrofrom electoral area residents tells Hon Antwi Nelson


The Assembly Member of Afari – Akrofrom electoral, Hon Antwi Nelson has fraternized and offer his little assistance in the form of donating foodstuffs such as 100bags of 5kg rice ) to the needy in Afari Electoral Area, thus Afari and Akrofrom to be precise, to enable them cope with the coronavirus lockdown challenges.
This is a modicum of a series of donations to be done for Afari and Akrofrom in the Covid – 19 dispensation by the Assembly Member.

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In an interview with Hon Antwi Nelson disclosed that, the food stuffs were donated to the Afari and Akrofrom electoral area to assist them cope with the impending lockdown for the next two weeks.
He also advised the people in the affected areas to obey the government instructions even though it is not easy but that’s the another way the government and ministry of health can also use to fight against the current world enemy ( coronavirus /Covid-19 ).

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Moreover avoid hands shaking, body contacts and follow all the measures put in place by World Health Organization (WHO), Ghana Health service and the government as well.
Together we can all fight and overcome Covid-19, he added.

The beneficiaries also expressed their appreciation to their Assembly member Hon Antwi Nelson aka Time Aso for his concern towards the fight against Covid-19 to the people of the electoral Area.

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Let’s spread calm and not fear
Let’s stay home to avoid the spread of the virus

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