Don’t Limit Local Herbal Drug from Covid-19 pandemic Fight,otherwise we will lose more life in this “Battle” – Herbal Doctor Hinted


The chief executive officer of Dr Boadi Herbal Center, Dr Yaw Boadi Mensah has urged World Health Organization and all other Health institution in African not to limit local Herbal Drug from coronavirus fight otherwise we will lose more life in this battle (covid-19). According to Dr Boadi, he believe that our local Herbal Drug is only drug that can cure coronavirus but the Health institution don’t want to give attention to testify.

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He also urged any country that, he is handy for any country that will solicit him to examine his covid-19 drug.
According to Dr Boadi, the drug will be given to any country that will contact him for the covid-19 pandemic disease drug will be given without demanding any amount “it will be free of charge”

We the Africans especially our homeland Ghana have to think about our past before the introduction of white-men drugs, herbal drugs was in use to cure all infected disease and any virus in our body systems. I hope you will all agree with me that, it was saving many people’s life then this days

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I don’t want to demand anything before I will give the drug to cure covid-19 pandemic disease and also to show them that it is not for “eminent” but Lord has revealed to him to use a herbal plant called bitter leave to save anyone who will be contacted with COVID-19 disease as Devine intervention to save life from coronavirus.

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He appreciate the president of Guinea for calling all the Herbal Doctors in the country to come along with their drug on trial for fight Covid-19 pandemic disease.
And appeals to World Health Organization (WHO) not to limit our local Herbal Drug from the covid-19 pandemic disease fight because he believe that, our local Herbal Drug can heal coronavirus.

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Africans should limit ourselves to the white people in all things, we should believe ourselves at times.

He said time has come for Africans not to depends on health professionals from Western world or White People when it comes to quality health care since local herbal practitioners in the country have records and evidence to prove.

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