Jubilee House On The 2nd Hunt For Joy’s Land


“Trouble” seems to be looming at East Legon, a suburb of Accra in the Greater Region, as invisible forces at the seat of government seem to be on the hunt for 2012-20 Independent Presidential Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah’s land in the said area.

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According to the 2012 and 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate, he acquired the said land in 2009 from ” “Militse We Family”.
However when he applied to acquire a land title, he was informed by Lands Commission in 2013 that, there was a litigation issue with another person by the name, Emmanuel Borley Bortey on the said land. For this reason, he settled Emmanuel, on that portion of the land that had the litigation issue.

Meanwhile in 2014, the Lands Commission, again wrote to inform Mr. Yeboah, the land belonged to another person and he was again made to settle this gentleman too, by the name Ibrahim Siebi.

After a period, he was told by the Caretaker that, under the supervision of the armed police, they were demolishing the development on the land. JOY followed the matter up, to the police headquarters which IGP Alhasan asked a 3-member committee to investigate. JOY was later told, the police had no knowledge of the said demolition exercise and came to an understanding with JOY. The senior officer who supervised the said demolition was immediately sent on peacekeeping assignment at the time outside Ghana.

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The matter was amicably settled because of the respect Mr. Yeboah has for the Police Service

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Now fast forward to 2018, the Lands Commission, again wrote to inform JOY, the original owners of the land with land title certificate were the Kofi Anum family, of which he again had to expensively settled the said family. Which then meant, in 8 years, through the written counsel of Lands Commission, he has paid three different owners for the same land, aside the original owners he bought the land from. So in total, he has paid four different owners for the same land in 8 years. However after paying the Kofi Anum family, the land title plan was released to Mr. Yeboah, pending, the issuance of the land title certificate. But unfortunately, he was told in 2018 by the lands commission that, the land belongs to the government. After his follow up at the commission, the commission realised the unfortunate situation they had put JOY in all those years. The Commission told JOY, to write back to the commission to inform them, to regularise the process for him, of which he did. The Lands Commission never responded to his letter to date.

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Fast forward to 2020, whilst waiting for his land title certificate, the President announced a partial lockdown in some Regions, of which Greater Accra was affected. For this reason, it halted all activities and free movements of people. The only people who were allowed to go out were those authorised to move with special IDs. The unfortunate thing was, while Mr. Yeboah was at home observing the partial lockdown, like a normal good citizen will do, a security informant called to tell him, some people were building on the land.

In his reaction, he rushed to the site, after the lockdown was lifted only to find out that it was true. Among those he met on the land were, muscle men(macho men), and some other people.

The East Legon Police Command, Land Commission, the said Lawyer of the developer and the macho men, all refused to reveal the identity of who was behind what they were doing, all that he heard from them was, he should consult the Jubilee House.

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Mr. Yeboah went to the East Legon Police command with his lawyer to serve them a notice of writ, so the matter could be settled in court. Right before the East Legon Police commander, the contractor and the developer’s lawyer refused to accept the notice of writ, because of the alleged Jubilee House involvement.

The security team nationwide of Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah, have become agitated after hearing the news on radio.

They issued a warning to the government to respect her own vigilantism Bill being flouted by the same against JOY. They called on stakeholders to condemn this forceful takeover of properties currently going on at East Legon. The security team of JOY does not believe any development can be enjoyed by the perpetrators if the matter is not settled, if even it will take years.

The same lawful machomen who have worked with various Police Administrations, National Peace Council and National Security to bring peace, especially during elections years cannot believe this action against JOY.

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Interestingly, Its been 11years, since he bought the land at East Legon and the law abiding Independent Presidential Candidate Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah is yet to get full ownership of a land he has bought from four different owners.

According to Mr. Joy, If the alleged Jubilee House wants to entrap him, because of his close relationship with Macho men, it will not work, because he believes in the rule of law.

Statement was published on
Joy2020Tv an official facebook page for Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah, Independent Presidential Candidate for 2012,2016 and 2020



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