”Boot for Boot” Is The Key In The 2020 Elections, NDC Youth Must Warm Up – deputy communication officer-NDC


Looking at the direction the Npp is toeing in the political space of this country, the NDC really need to prepare and match them closely at all angles, As they intend to win the forthcoming election with violence, we must also plan to defeat them with violence

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Ghana is not for anyone, as Ursla Owusu and Kenedy Agyapong always claim in their day-dreams, there’s no superior clan, family, political party or a group of people that can claim the ownership of Ghana, hence the Npp must not be tolerated to do things as if they own Ghana, we must seriously prepare well to handle these guys, my people!!

For what reason should an electoral commission chaired by an Npp woman defy an order by a competent court of jurisdiction laying injunction on the training of officers to compile a devilish orchestrated new voters register and be tolerated and aided by President Akuffo Addo and his appointed IGP?

Why should the vice president who’s the commander in- chief of the Ghana police service seat to allow the deployment of police officers to the Escape hotel in Accra to protect the EC officials to flaunt a court order? If this is really what democracy is all about, then I think there is a need for the military to prepare and takeover and send us back to the old days of autocracy, then we know we are being ruled by a direct autocrats, Akuffo Addo is a tyrant in white clothes, and that’s dangerous, it has the tendency to escalate political temperature in a state.

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Looking at what Npp hoodlums and monsters did at AWW constituency during the by- election, and considering how the ideal and excellent recommendations made by the Justice Emile short’s commission was rubbished by President Akuffo Addo, the NDC need to seriously prepare and fearlessly match the Npp boot for boot, we need to give the Npp no briefing space to misbehave in this country again, Npp is not ready to adhere to the disbandment of vigilantism in Ghana, the Npp guys will misbehave again, so the NDC should not be deceived and relax and regret later.

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Npp has lost touch with the people of Ghana, which will obviously lead to their defeat in the forthcoming elections, but not ready to relinquish power, hence their evil plans with the electoral commission to compile a new register in the expense of Ghanaians dying, and I personally think we have done all we can! to stop the electoral commission from engaging in that demonic exercise of compiling a new voters register but to no avail, their even flaunting orders of court without fear, all we need is adequate preparation both physically and spiritually to handle this people, Jean Mensa must not be allowed to flood this country with blood, she must be warned and warned very carefully, there are lives in this country that are precious than hers, and if she dare, she will regret it right here on earth before going to her maker.

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We need to up our game and be extra vigilance and strong, I know with JDM, we have the public acceptance and approval, the people of Ghana are poised to go for John Dramani Mahama and the NDC, we must not allow Nana Addo to change what God has ordained and approved by Ghanaians.

I’m finally calling on the youth of the NDC to wake up and see the battle ahead as a dangerous one and prepare, we in the NDC have the revolutionary tactics and techniques as well as strategies to unleash every electoral violence in this country than them, the 2020 elections should be a revolutionary focused one, even the Bible says, any tree which produces bad fruits should be cut off, Akuffo Addo, and his Npp party are the albatross of Ghana, so there’s a need to fearlessly deal with them and take Ghana back to its normal condition.

I know their so called national security operatives and criminals in suits will call to threat me, I’m already accustomed to those cheap threats, they keep tracking me using my details on all my social media handles but not succeeding, I’m ready to face them any day, anytime

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I Want to repeat it again : As they are planning to win us with violence, let’s also plan to defeat them with violence, let’s wake up, there’s fire coming

Thank you all

Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo, Oti regional deputy communication officer-NDC




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