Ghana Interbank Payment , Settlement System and GCB Making Life Unbearable for Ezwich Customers


public relation Officer Philip K Amoah

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It is high time Ghana commercial Bank Limited( GCB ) comes out on air to clear the waves concerning the treatment we are passing through with regards to our stipend. It is very painful that, we are all Ghanaians and some of us use ezwich in terms of our transactions and we can not replace our expired cards meanwhile, we have been paid our stipends.

How on earth can you tell us to use ezwish whiles you know it is not properly manage by it operators? We can’t replace our cards making our money locked in there. We want to state emphatically that, this is not a joke.

For the past three months some of us can’t access our ezwich account and the managers sit in their offices and be blaming Ghana InterBank settlement system for not supplying them with cards. Some managers also said they can’t work with all The biometric devices because it uses fingerprint and has been suspended until further notice.

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Instead going to the drawing board and solve the issue once and for all, no! But apportion blames to Covid-19.

It appears that, since they do not know the stress some ezwich customers are passing through and you are mocking at us thinking that we are going to accept this diabolic stance.

We are by this communique to petition the media to serve as the mediator and to contact GCB for the general public to know why they are refusing to replace our cards for us to withdraw our money. We are hungry!

Aggrieved Ezwich Customers

Philip K Amoah

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