Don’t keep your data to yourself, Organize Questions and answers Sessions like Mahama did, To suport your Data claim, AB Replied Bawumia


When Mahama is showing visible and viable lives touching achievements based on empirical facts and evidence, especially infrastructure in the health sector and the general expansion of the economy, the chew and pour economic commentator is also making his usual cacophony about unprecedented and unexisting data.
It’s sad how Bawumia has allowed himself as a vice president and a PhD graduate to be turned into a political comedian by this Dombo and Busia relatives.

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How can you fast and lie at the same time? this is a serious moral corruption.
2018 is gone and my old boy and old lady are still at Keri my small village without bank accounts, is that the data Bawumia is comparing to Mahama’s available data on electricity extension to my village which is visible?
Bawumia, you are a Vice President for over two years and I haven’t seen your government drilling a borehole or constructing a toilet facility in my village to deliver on the “no village to have water and toilet problem within two years in government” promise made prior to the 2016 elections, is that the data that is speaking for itself? Anyway discerning citizens will surely allow the data to reflect on the ballot paper soon.

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President Mahama has thrown the challenge out there, let’s see the Q&A series from you Bawumia and the entire NPP government, if you indeed have credible data, avail yourself for Ghanaians to ask you questions and answer with your data.
What is more embarrassing than a vice president who doubled as a PhD graduate engaging in unintelligent debates that, even serial callers of political parties won’t agree to do?
Our vice presidency since 2017 to date is facing decency and maturity crisis, a vice president who’s the leader of the economic management team should be seen thinking and rolling out viable and sensitive economic modalities to mitigate the hardship and poverty in the economy, but it’s unfortunate this economic team leader of ours has to decided dedicate his time and wisdom to engage in political comedies, the most unfortunate economic management team leader in the history of Ghana.
There’s a total downturn in the economy with serious inverse effects, there are avail evidences on the ground, but still Bawumia won’t be humble and admit those challenges and fight them,
Engaging in data debates amidst the unimaginable and unforgettable failure to deliver on over thousands of your promises, is a bankruptcy in ideologies, and Bawumia must be counseled,

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How do you get non- deficient and real data without performance? It doesn’t make sense in a corporate perspective, I don’t know if it make sense in his walewale economic assumptions and theories.
Lies in a Ramadan month is Haram
I pray for Allah’s forgiveness for Bawumia.
Thank you all.
Odeneho Kwame Abraham Boafo
Oti regional deputy communication officer-NDC

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