Insomnia will attack President Akufo -Addo Critics – Dr Agyenim Boateng


The outspoken communication team member of the ruling party, NPP in the central region, Dr Nana Yaw Agyenim-Boateng has stated that the Akufo-Addo led administration will once again going to put all his critics a very big insomnia regards to the building of new (88) district hospitals and (6) new regional hospitals.
He disclosed to in exclusive interview. wish Otumfo Osei Tutu Ababio II 70th birthday
According to the Dr Agyenim-Boateng those doubting the President Akufo-Addo will be put to shame very soon. Our friends from other parties are saying that where is he going to get the money to construct all this health facilities he promised, he added. Dr Agyenim-Boateng further said how did President Akufo-Addo find money to fund FSHS, 1D1F, 1V1D, FREE WATER and FREE ELECTRICITY that he has given Ghanaians to help them during this bad times.

The people who are doubting the President now are the same people who doubted him way back 2008 and I strongly believed that they have only set themselves up to be disgrace again, he quizzed.
He insisted that, President critics would have done themselves good, if they had rather studied the President and discover that he was the same man who was fighting Covid-19 without any resources from the state.
Dr Agyenim-Boateng added that, the President critics mainly consisting of leading members of opposition parties, lacked vision and leadership. And for them to come out to say that, the new hospitals that the President promised is not captured in the budget and therefore can not be achieve is a childish and lose talk.

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Dr Agyenim-Boateng concluded that, Ghana did not budgeted for free and 50% electricity for Ghanaians, 100% free water for Ghanaians, tax free for health workers, 50% pay increments for health professionals etc, but President has done it, so the same way that this new hospitals will be cater for.
Dr Agyenim-Boateng finally tasks Ghanaians to pray for the Presidency for God’s strength, wisdom and mercy to enable him to complete all this beautiful projects, he added. From the Corridors of Assin South.

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Signed Nana Yaw Agyenim-Boateng.



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