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Educate Africa Institute(EAI) country coordinator(Malawi), Alexander G. Yembo and Educate Africa Institute(Ghana President),Mr Boadi William has urged all Africa leaders to stop Hypocrisy in their country.

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This statement was followed by a press released to newsroom.

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The year 2020 has made my mind think of my preacher. It is because of what he has done that has drawn my intention. Not to beat about the bush. The pandemic of Covid-19 has drawn a mind of interest to look at how a person conforms his preaching and action.
The preacher who happened to be my political leaders (the government) have practiced the negative of their say.

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Immediately after the pandemic fell out in various countries but my country had not yet even registered any person positive, the President declared a state of disaster hence closing all schools in fear of students being attacked by the disease. He gave out good measures to follow; social distancing on a fore-peak.

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Besides, students being at home and fellow people too, he had declared a lockdown of three weeks which got to be canceled after a review of concerned people that a copy and paste criteria of bombarding the spread of the pandemic was not practical in our societies due to the welfare of people and how they use to feed themselves (day to day fetch).

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Moreover, the most interesting story was that my country was undergoing a period of campaign in preparation of voting. The government, having been singing songs of social distancing to its people shocked them in its conducts of political rallies. To begin with its opposition party, it conducted political campaigns which accumulated many people that there was no observation of social distancing.

As if that is enough, the ruling party, also conducted some rallies campaigning for the coming elections. They have encompassed a lot of people that, there was no observation of social distancing. This had made a lot of people cast questions of wonder to why a person(s) can declare some measures to be followed by all, social distancing being on a fore follow-up, yet he /they being on a silent watch of their people not practicing it?? On a big surprise were the students who had followed a decree of closing school due to them facing problems with social distancing.

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This made a group of three- fourth of the students to organize a task force of reopening schools.

Sadly, according to my President in Ghana, Mr. Boadi William, his country is seriously preparing for a new voters’ register for 2020 elections. The Electoral Commission(EC) in Ghana now dances to the songs of the ruling NPP Party as the then EC did for the current opposition Party NDC. Meanwhile, Ghana’s COVID-19 cases are getting out of hands.

My African leaders, kindly change your attitude and think about your countries and the welfare of your citizens first.

I am a citizen of Malawi. Africa Must Look Within Now!!

Mr. Boadi William
President of EAI, Educationist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

Alexander G. Tembo
Educate Africa Institute country coordinator 1 Malawi.



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