GES Advised to Consider These Mandatory Initiatives to Make Staff And Students Safe – Boadi William, EGS President.


The unsurpassed think tank known as Educate Ghana Summit(EGS) is advising the Ghana Education Service to add and institute the below strategic initiatives when it’s time for schools to resume. The decision to re-open schools should be made in consultation with stakeholders, Parents and local public health officials by considering these three steps:

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▪️Plan for disinfection mechanism to disinfect schools, students, staff and visitors.
▪️Plan for staff and student absences. Develop flexible pandemic attendance and sick-leave
policies for students and staff, respectively.
▪️ Plan for stimulus insurance package for teaching staff, nonteaching staff and students.
▪️Plan for emergency community healthcare/isolation/sick-bay centres like chip compounds.
▪️Develop a method for tracking COVID-19 related staff and student absences. Understand the usual
absenteeism patterns in school. Schools
may be asked to report COVID-19-related absences to the
local public health department during a pandemic.
Written consent may be needed to disclose a student’s health information.
▪️Identify space that can be used to separate sick
people. Designate a place for sick staff
and students who cannot leave school immediately. If possible, designate a nearby separate bathroom/sick-bay
just for sick people. Develop a plan for cleaning the room daily.
▪️ Plan to promote the daily practice of the preventive actions at all times. Using health messages and materials developed by credible public public health sources, like local public health department.
▪️Plan ways to increase the space between people to
at least 3 feet or limit face-to-face contact between
people at school. Several ways to do this include
moving desks farther apart, leaving empty seats between students, dividing classes into smaller
groups, holding outdoor classes, and canceling school-related group meetings and activities.
▪️Develop a risk-assessment and risk-management
process for your school. Work closely with local
public health officials to develop a alternative plan
if assessing and managing risks among staff and
students is needed (for example, conducting daily
health screenings for COVID-19-like symptoms.

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▪️ Revitalize key community partners and stakeholders
regularly about COVID-19 cases. Share information about how your school is responding to the pandemic.
▪️Implement flexible attendance and sick-leave policies. Continue to encourage staff
and students to stay home if they are sick or caring for a sick household member. Apprise staff of when your school plans to implement COVID-19 sick leave policies. Provide instructions about how and when
to safely return to school.
▪️Increase space to at least 3 feet and limit face-
to-face contact between people at school. This is very important.
▪️Discourage staff and students from gathering or socializing in other places when schools are dismissed. They should avoid gathering in places
like local restaurants, canteens, supermarkets and shopping malls.
▪️Segregate those who become sick at school from those who are well. Send sick staff and students home
immediately. Alternatively, send people who become sick during the school day to a designated space away
from others until they are able to go home. Provide them with clean disposable
facemasks to wear until they can leave.
Work with your local public health department and hospital or health center staff to care for those who become sick urgently.
▪️Postpone or cancel extracurricular activities or large events. Suspend extracurricular group
activities and large events, such as after-school
student activities, meetings, and sporting events, if
recommended by public health officials.
▪️Accommodate staff and students who are at high
risk for COVID-19 complications. Provide staff who are
at high risk for COVID-19 complications with alternative
work arrangements. Offer students
who are at high risk for COVID-19 complications with options for completing class work (if schools are
not dismissed).
▪️Encourage them to stay, or work from, home (if possible). They also should consult their healthcare provider about how to protect their health.
▪️Promote the daily practice of the preventive actions at all times. Using health messages and materials developed by credible public public health sources, like local public health department.
▪️ Provision of COVID-19 prevention supplies in every school. Materials like soap, hand sanitizer with at 75% alcohol, tissues, trash baskets and disposable facemasks.
▪️ Disinfect the schools, staff, students and visitors.
▪️ Provide insurance package for Staff and students.

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▪️Maintain and expand your emergency planning
team. Look for ways to expand community
partnerships. Identify agencies or partners needed to help you prepare for pandemic COVID-19, and make an effort to add them to your planning team.
▪️Revisit your risk-assessment and risk- management plan. Determine ways to improve planning and implementation processes. Assess
the availability of meal, medical, mental health, and social services for staff and students.
▪️Update and practice the emergency operations
and communication plans every 12–18 months. Update the plans based on lessons learned, and
replace necessary supplies and equipment.
▪️Discuss and note lessons learned. Gather feedback from staff, students, parents/guardians,
and key community partners and stakeholders
to improve your plans. Identify any gaps in your plans and any needs you may have for additional

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All of life is a constant education. ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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I am a concern citizen of Ghana. Let’s fight COVID-19 together.


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Boadi William
President of EGS, Educationist, Author and Motivational Speaker.




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