Work Extra hard with all ‘Your’ might and soul for the development of the country – GCB Bank Branch Manager to the Public workers


Branch Manager of the state bank Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd (GCB), at Asarfo Market has admonished all public workers across the country to work extra hard with all ‘their’ might and soul for the development of our motherland Ghana.

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“You have to work with your might, soul and everything you have to make it grow well because that is what you get your plight”, Mr. Sampson Anokye, Branch Manager of GCB Bank LTD express to Enfransmedia.con Editor Adwenpa-Hene on a phone interview.

Mr. Anokye further advised that, whatever you are aware or not of how you do your job, people out there are watching you. As a worker you have to serve your customers with a full respect and also take the job as your own business. Avoid taking bribe and corruption as well, be truth to the board. Some business especially Banks and other sectors has been collapsed due to the above mentioned.

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The Branch Manager’s advice comes days after he was crowned as the best manager of the GCB in Kumasi by customers of the bank, a poll conducted by the New Trust newspaper.

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He emphasized that, whenever the civil servant goes to work, he /she must know that he is there because of the job and not for other purposes. “Whether you are a manager or what, you have to serve people”, adds. As a worker weather you have a position or not make sure that you will take the company to a setting level with a good name before you lift, for that one your good name will forever remain in the company.

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The inefficient of the public worker has become a major issue as far as public institutions are concerned for almost a century now that is Pre Colonial and Post colonial era.

While some people blame it on government, some also believe individuals who are entrusted with offices or positions in the public sector do not work as they are supposed to naming lateness and corruption as major cause.

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Nevertheless, Mr. Anokye in his interview chided that; this attitude of people at the public sector can be minimized if people begin to think that they are the real owners of public companies and not government as many have thought to be.

“Take GCB as your own bank takes it as your property. Own the bank, it is for we Ghanaians because if the bank grows well and make profit, it comes back to the country”, he chided.
Responding on issue regarding the perception that, GCB does not offer good services to its customers, Mr. Anokye revealed that, that is not the reality because it is as a result of the huge number of customers the bank needs to serve in a day.

According to him, the quality of service the bank renders to its customers is incomparable.



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