Most of your guidelines to churches, mosques not workable – Lawrence Tetteh to govt

President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr Lawrence Tetteh
President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Dr Lawrence Tetteh

Evangelist Dr Lawrence Tetteh has called on government to review its guidelines to churches and mosques as it eases restrictions on religious activities in the country.

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According to the preacher, many of the guidelines are ambiguous and thus require further dialogue and consensus with relevant stakeholders.

In his view, some of the persons that may have drafted the guidelines are not spiritual enough to ensure a balanced document.

“Most people who end up in advising on some of these things are not as religious as some of us are and that is why everybody is needed.”

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Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr, he called on government to open up for people who are not in government to get their voices heard on the matter to get a balance.

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He said, “most of the things there are not workable and I’ve heard this morning and yesterday that a lot of churches have even decided not to go back to church because they cannot adhere to the conditions and certainly when the president speaks its very important nobody speaks against the president’s order because Christianity is orderly and of course we must respect our leaders.”

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He consented “so going back to the drawing board again is very important so some of these conditions would not just be relaxed but we will get a sense of convergence that will be beneficial to all and sundry.”

“After all, we all know that when it comes to Covid-19 it does not pick and choose.”



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