Announce a Special Package For Frontline Teachers, Ghana’s President Told – Boadi William, President of Educate Ghana Summit.



“When the head is too big, it cannot dodge blows” – Zambian.

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Our teachers are the pivot of quality education therefore, their welfare issues must be the headline of every educational discourse.







On this note, I call on H. E. President Nana Addo Danquah to announce a special stimulus package for the frontline teachers. Let’s not forget that, every teacher who will teach the final year students is now a frontline worker on the battlefield like our Doctors and Nurses.
Besides, robbing Peter to pay Paul is applied here. Teachers are going to risk their lives and double work effort meanwhile the arrears promised is still empty. Teacher unions seems not to be circumspect when discussing issues about teachers well being.









So, the following packages must be given to them plus the PPEs.
▪️50% tax exemption as motivation to ensure loyal workforce. A well-motivated teacher is a loyal workforce.
▪️ Special health insurance to assure them of good health because, already teachers enjoy nothing like allowance.
▪️ Lastly, words of encouragement from their employers and from Prof Stephen Addai who always discourage them instead of saying encouraging words to boost their morale and commitment towards their goals and objectives.
▪️Apart from the PPEs and other protocols, students and teachers needs emergency healthcare centers with skilled health Professionals.
▪️ Going forward, Government must ensure that every school has a clinic.

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Parents must be with their phones at all times to respond to emergency calls from schools.

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“Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes”. – Norman Douglas

I am a citizen of Ghana.

Boadi William
President of EGS Educationist and Motivational Speaker.

EGS…We Educate The Nation.



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