Residents of Nyinahin Adupri cry Over Bad Road



Residents of Nyinahin Adupri cry over bad road network. Adupri superb of Atwima Mponua District have bemoaned the bad nature of their roads and appealed to government to repair them.

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According to them, roads in the area are full of potholes with rough surfaces as stones used to base the roads are showing due to erosion and neglect over the years.







The unit committee Member of Nyinahin Adupri Francis Fosu told Media that drivers especially, commercial ones often try to dodge the numerous potholes on the roads, putting the lives of pedestrians and passengers in denger.

They also complained about the muddy and slippery nature of the roads whenever it rained, which they stated made it difficult for them to move freely to their destinations.

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They were sad that many of them had miscarriage on their way to attend antenatal clinics at the Nyinahin District Hospital because of the poor nature of the road.
Unit committee member said because of the poor nature of the road most pregnant women sought the services of traditional birth attendants and report to the hospital when cases became complicated.

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Call Francis Fosu; Unit committee
Member (0249765985)



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